European Ph.D on Social Representations and Communication
Joining the So.Re.Com Thematic Network

The initially approved Regulation stated that new partner universities might apply to the co-ordinator of the programme for admission to the network . However due to the high number of the partner Institutions which already belong to the European Doctorate on Social Representations and Communication network, new partnerships has only been considered in a limited number of cases.

Currently beyond the co-ordination and monitoring of the activities described below, the universities of the network have dedicated themselves to development policy planning and to international scientific co-operation for the European doctorate. This is also in relation to the wider scientific community and includes the founding of the SoReCOm network of excellence.

This outreach to the wider scientific community came as a result of numerous requests from universities outside the network to participate in the activities of the European Doctorate on Social Representations and Communication. For network management reasons, the Executive Committee decided not to expand the stabile partnership structure of the European Ph.D. (13 partner institutions) that had been consolidated during more than 10 years of collaboration. Instead, they chose to promote a new project for a network of excellence geared towards a much wider scientific community and that can provide scientific co-operation synergies that are not necessarily at the level of institutions but also at the level of individual or groups of researchers located on different continents