European Ph.D on Social Representations and Communication
European Credit Transfer System (ECTS)
adopted by the Euro PhD on Social Representations and Communication

Due to the integrated and joint nature of the programme, the adoption of European Credit System has been specifically designed as a system for credit accumulation, rather than a comparison of distributed teaching offers and transfer of learning outcomes. By conceptualizing the academic year not exclusively in terms of time, but in terms of earned credits, the system allows for flexibly meeting the needs of full-time and part-time research trainees.

In line with the policy recommended by EU DG-Education and Culture, the European Ph.D. adopted the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) as an instrument for creating transparency and confidence in academic performance.

Research trainees are awarded up to 60 credits per year (20 for courses and didactic activities and 40 for research quality and related bibliographic knowledge).

The didactic structure within this overall strategy is highly innovative. As the system of open distance learning makes clear, European Ph.D. research trainees are involved in an interlocking system of virtual and physical mobility which allows for considerable flexibility in catering to research trainees’ needs while at the same time guaranteeing individual tutoring and interactive learning:


E.C.T.S. system of credit FOR THE EURO PHD ON S.R. & C.

20 for courses and didactic activities
10 credits per year international summer schools
5 credits per year seminars and courses
5 credits per year multi-media and distance interactive learning;
transferable skills
40 for research each year
30 credits per year advanced research training
10 credits per year bibliographic knowledge
60 total credits in a year x 3 years = 180 total credits
for complete curriculum