European Ph.D on Social Representations and Communication
On-Line Monitoring System

Assessment tools used in the open distance learning system are of fundamental assistance in continuously monitoring the quality of training.

The Honorary Programme Director, in co-operation with the Programme Director and the tutors, evaluates the quality of the scientific and didactic content. This is accomplished using evaluative tools and co-tutoring, including distance co-tutoring that continuously monitors the research trainees’ training via the European Doctorate’s dedicated website.

After monitoring the work of previous years, the Core Executive Committee decided to impose a more structured “time constraint” on the development of research trainees’ programmes as another quality control procedure. This offers tutors on-line evaluation tools for various versions of the research trainees’ projects:

  • Initial short version
  • Intermediate extended version
  • Final full report and short version

These tools have been installed on the web site ( for every registered participant in the programme. They are considered confidential and are accessible for consultation only by those who have a password: the 3 tutors (1 national + 2 foreign), the Programme Director, the Honrary Programme Director and the research trainee him or herself.