European Ph.D on Social Representations and Communication
International Summer Schools

Since 1995, the International Summer School of the European/International Joint PhD in Social Representations and Communication ( has been offering advanced training to young researchers in key areas of social psychology with wide applications in the public and private sectors on issues including the information society, science popularisation, new socialization and communication strategies, and applied research crucial to health, the environment, political life, social minorities, gender, etc. It has helped to reinforce the intellectual leadership of European Social Psychology and is now well established as a permanent European forum for disseminating state of the art research in this area. Systematic co-operation among European researchers remains one of the fundamental prerequisites for meeting the goals of the ERA and EHEA and the European/International Joint PhD's International Summer School has played and will continue to play an active role in promoting "internationalization" of European Higher Education, taking it beyond the walls of academia, and contributing to the diversity of experience for the trainees involved.

Target groups include research trainees enrolled in the European/International Joint PhD in S.R. & C., postgraduates and research trainees in other national PhD programmes, as well as special target groups with access difficulties, such as women, the disabled and researchers from less favoured EU regions who can profit from the ODL training system and the network's long-term after-event dissemination of multimedia products.

Summer school activities include face-to-face workshops, lectures, and presentations as well as mediated virtual events such as Internet forum discussions, web videoconferencing, and streaming videos. Important themes are discussed at individual, group and plenary levels on the same day, guaranteeing learning of unusual intensity and quality. Young researchers are assisted in making appointments to meet personally and discuss particular issues with guest speakers.



List of International Summer Schools

22nd International Summer School

The “methodological polytheism in the Social Representations literature and its implication in the contemporary communication era: distinctiveness and dialogue between multiple research methods (textual and image-based research sources and tools, traditional and new media-based research design, experimental and field oriented studies)

(Rome - Italy, 17th - 23rd July 2016)

21st International Summer School

Mapping the impact and dissemination of the social representation theory across different geo-cultural contexts around the world: from Europe towards other continents

(Rome - Italy, 18th - 25th July 2015)

20th International Summer School

Genesis, development and actuality of the Social Representation theory in more than fifty years (1961-2011 and beyond): the main paradigms and the "modelling approach"

(Rome - Italy, 13th - 19th July 2014)

19th International Summer School

Intensive Training Sessions 2013 & Other Activities

(Rome - Italy, 1st - 5th October 2013)

18th International Summer School

Social Representations, Economics and Finance

(Rome - Italy, 8th - 19th July 2012)

17th International Summer School

Social Representations of Urban Places and Environment: Images, Memory and Identity

(Rome - Italy, 8th - 20th July 2011)

16th International Summer School

Social Representations and Sciences

(Rome - Italy, 16th - 27th July 2010)

15th International Summer School

Cultural and cross-cultural approaches to social representations: The implications of the globalised/localised cultural scenarios

(Rome - Italy, 23rd - 30th August 2009)

14th International Summer School

Social Representations in Action and Construction in Media and Society - Social Representations, Collective Memory and Socially Shared Emotions: narrative and experimental approaches

(Rome - Italy, 26th July - 3rd August 2008)

13th International Summer School

Social Representations in Action and Construction in Media and Society - Structural Approach to Social Representations

(Rome - Italy, 7th - 15th July 2007)

12th International Summer School

Social Representations in Action and Construction in Media and Society - Applying Dialogical Approaches and Conversational Analysis via Focus Groups to Research on Social Representations

(Rome - Italy, 28th August - 6th September 2006)

11th International Summer School

Social Representations in Action and Construction in Media and Society - Applying the Facet Theory and Statistical Analysis via HUDAP software to Research on Social Representations: Computer Mediated Training Sessions, both Theoretical and Methodological

(Rome - Italy, 2nd - 10th July 2005)

10th International Summer School

Communication: Media, Social Interactions and Social Representations: Social influence and Communication in the new scenarios of the Information Society - Is it possible to change risk behaviour?

(Colonna Castle, Genazzano - Rome - Italy, 24th April - 3rd May 2004)

9th International Summer School

Communication Studies and Social Representations: a Theoretical and Metodological Dialogue through Research

(Colonna Castle, Genazzano - Rome - Italy, 7-16 June 2003)

8th International Summer School

Communication: Media and Social Representations - New Media: Nets and Internet

(Colonna Castle, Genazzano - Rome - Italy, 1-9 June 2002)

7th International Summer School

Communication: Languages, Representations, Interactions

(Rome - Italy 3-10 June 2001)

6th International Summer School

Social Representations Theory around the World

(Rome - Italy 28th may - 3rd June 2000)

5th International Summer School

Developing European Doctoral Training

(Rome - Italy 5th -11th June 1999)

4th International Summer School

The Theory towards the Applications

(San Sebastian, Basque Country - Spain 20th -29th June 1998)

3rd International Summer School

Theory of Social Representations: historical roots, articulations and development

(Lisbon, 6-15 September 1997)

2nd International Summer School

Social Representations and Communication

(Aix-en-Provence, France, 22-27 September 1996)

1st International Summer School

Social Representations and Communication

(Finland, Lathi , 26 August-3 September 1995)