European Ph.D on Social Representations and Communication
3th International Summer School

Financial support

Erasmus ICP-96-I-3074/14.
T.M.R. contract n.ERB406PL9600005 (principally reserved to those who will be enrolled to the second year of the Euro PhD and to those who will be accepted to the Euro PhD for 1997-98)
In case nobody else among the new candidates will be accepted as participants in the Euro PhD in the a.y. 1997-98, some other applicants for the Summer School (in the above mentioned conditions to apply for T.M.R. funding) will be considered for certain financial support.

Conditions to apply for T.M.R. support

The T.M.R support . (contract n. ERB4064PL9600005) is limited to the Euro PhD students who are:
  1. citizens of the EU and associated countries (Norway, Liechtenstein , Iceland and Israel). Researchers who are not nationals of a Member State of the Community may be selected by the committee as participants in the Summer School, but they cannot apply for T.M.R. support;
  2. researchers aged 35 or under (researchers whose place of work is in a less-favoured region of the EU, women researchers and researchers who work in industry are a specific target group for T.M.R.).
Researchers aged more than 35 may be selected by the committee as participants in the Summer School, but they cannot apply for T.M.R. support.

The allowable expenses related to the participation in the Summer School of the young researchers aged 35 years or under and citizens of the EU shall comprise only certain costs of travel (the cheapest economy class air fare or second class train fare or bus from the researcher's place of work), accommodation (including food and lodging, but excluding telephone calls and other extras) and participation fee (fee no higher than fees charged to other participants).

Speakers' fees, meetings for selecting the applicants and social events are not to be considered as allowable costs under T.M.R. For maintaining low registration fees, the teachers will be only reimbursed of their expenses for travel and accommodation and will not be paid for their scientific contribution.

T.M.R. can provide up to 50% of the cost of travel and accommodation related to the participation of the invited speakers (category B) and financial support to some of the selected young researchers and post-graduate students (category A). With respect to Young Researchers, the T.M.R. contract states :

"The T.M.R. activity is for benefit of young Researchers (YR). A fraction of the budget has to go towards the support of YR. Contractants do not have to cover 100% of the expenses of all or any of them. It may in fact be undesirable to pay 100% of young researchers' costs. It has been found useful that the YR do pay a non-returnable part of the registration fee before an event. This selects only serious candidates and ensures that most of them do in fact attend".

The selected researchers may not benefit, for any given expense in connection with participation, from T.M.R. funding at the same time as from any other source. It is however allowable for different expenses to be funded from different sources (e.g. registration fees from one source and travel from T.M.R.).

Applications must be addressed to the scientist responsible for the T.M.R. contract and for the organisation of the Summer School (Prof.. A.S. de Rosa). The selection of the applicants is made by the Euro PhD executive committee, comprised of the programme director, the co-ordinator and the two other representative partners of the Universities (Helsinki and I.S.C.T.E.) who have formally acknowledged the title of the Euro PhD besides the co-ordinating University of Rome "La Sapienza".

The Commission of the European Union is not to be contacted for support for individual participation in this or other Summer Schools.