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Code of Conduct

Conditions of Use and Code of Conduct for European Ph.D Web-Auditorium  In order to facilitate effective discussion and create a stimulating scientific environment, it is strongly recommended to read the Conditions of Use and Code of Conduct set out below. European Ph.D Web-Auditorium users are expected to abide by these and breaches may result in restrictions for offenders.

Conditions of use for the European Ph.D on SR&C's European Ph.D Web-Auditorium System

By registering on the European Ph.D Web-Auditorium System each user accepts and agrees to abide by the conditions set out below. The European Ph.D on SR&C, through the Coordinator of European Ph.D, reserves the right to exclude from European Ph.D Web-Auditorium  anyone who fails to comply.

European Ph.D Web-Auditorium is provided for training, research and administration. Commercial use of European Ph.D Web-Auditorium is forbidden. Those using European Ph.D Web-Auditorium are personally responsible for their contributions to the system (as they would be for any written communication which is sent to others) and shall indemnify the European  Ph.D on SR&C against any liability incurred by the European  Ph.D on SR&C (including liability in defamation and for breach of copyright), which arises out of any such contribution.

Contributions to conferences should be regarded as the intellectual property of the authors. If they are to be quoted by another person in a publication (electronic or printed), proper acknowledgment must be given.

Where the contribution of any European Ph.D Web-Auditorium user to a conference incorporates material of which that user is not the author, proper acknowledgment to the author of that material shall be given in the contribution.

Contributions must not consist of, or contain, illegal or offensive material. Any material which is considered by the Coordinator of European Ph.D, or a nominee to be illegal or offensive may be removed from the system. For this purpose the expressions 'illegal' and 'offensive' include (without limitation)

Material the publication of which is defamatory Would infringe the copyright of a third party
Material which constitutes incitement to racial hatred or which is offensive or obscene

The originator of any such material may be excluded by the Coordinator of European Ph.D from further participation in European Ph.D Web-Auditorium.

Each European Ph.D Web-Auditorium user undertakes that he or she will not hold the European Ph.D on SR&C liable for any material contributed to a conference by another person, which is defamatory of that European Ph.D Web-Auditorium user.

Each individual is responsible for the security and use of their Username and password. The use of someone else's account, Username (or password) is not allowed. Any user found using someone else's Username, or impersonating another user of the system, may be excluded by the Coordinator of European Ph.D from further participation in European Ph.D Web-Auditorium.

Any user whose account is repeatedly being used by another user may also be excluded by the Coordinator of European Ph.D from further participation in European Ph.D Web-Auditorium.

The Administrators of the European Ph.D Web-Auditorium system may need to access any areas of your European Ph.D Web-Auditorium account in order to investigate technical problems, in response to a complaint or through a Subject Access request.

European Ph.D Web-Auditorium is not provided for personal purposes but if private mail messages are so used and intended to be private, they should be marked accordingly (using the message, "Private chat" option). Any personal information in such messages, provided the facility is properly used, will not be provided in response to a subject access request. Messages sent to any conference, cannot be deemed as private personal information.

Information regarding your use of the European Ph.D Web-Auditorium system will be used to generate statistics on system usage. These statistics may be used in European Ph.D research or publications. Information about individuals will not be referenced in such material without their prior consent.

All users must comply with the European Ph.D Web-Auditorium Code of Conduct.

Code of Conduct for the use of European Ph.D Web-Auditorium 

This Code of Conduct relates specifically to European Ph.D Web-Auditorium but the general principles involved apply to all electronic communications systems supplied by the European Ph.D on SR&C and apply to staff and students alike.

The European Ph.D´s general rules and regulations apply to users of European Ph.D Web-Auditorium  (and all other electronic communication systems) just as they do in any other university environment.

European Ph.D Web-Auditorium is a conferencing system for people connected with the European Ph.D on SR&C. In this environment students join with both staff and visitors to debate and discuss issues of academic and general interest. Some conferences are also copied to other external conferencing systems. All European Ph.D Web-Auditorium users should recognise that comments made in such an environment reflect not only on themselves but also on the European Ph.D  on SR&C as an institution. European Ph.D Web-Auditorium must not be used to bring the European Ph.D on SR&C into disrepute.

European Ph.D Web-Auditorium is a social environment. Normal rules of social interaction are in force. The remoteness of the recipients must not be used as an excuse to communicate in an anti-social manner. Examples of such anti-social behaviour are :

Harassment or intimidation of another user
Person to person aggression within conferences
Deviation from the spirit of a conference
Excessive or inappropriate use of jargon, banter or graffiti
None of these are considered acceptable behaviour on European Ph.D Web-Auditorium.

European Ph.D Web-Auditorium users should not contribute to a conference unless their contribution is intended to further the aims of the conference.

Personal comments about other users and their views should not be placed in public conferences.

Copying or forwarding of private messages to another person without the author's explicit permission is a breach of confidentiality.

All European Ph.D Web-Auditorium preferred names must be a true representation of your student record as held on the European Ph.D on SR&C's central records.

The Code of Conduct applies equally for Video-audio Private or Public Chat as for mail messages. Misuse of the chat facility will result in this facility being removed from your European Ph.D Web-Auditorium account.

The primary responsibility for the management of any conference lies with its moderator. The moderator must ensure
[1] This document is an adapted version of the Code of Conduct created by The Open University. The adaptation was prepared in agreement with the Open University.