European Ph.D on Social Representations and Communication
Multimedia and Distance Learning System

6th International LAB Meeting - Summer Session 2006

12th International Summer School

Social Representations in Action and Construction in Media and Society

"Applying Dialogical Approaches and Conversational Analysis via Focus Groups to Research on Social Representations"

with joint sessions with the concurrent integrated event

"8th International Conference on Social Representations"

From 28th August to 6th September 2006

Prof. Annamaria Silvana de Rosa
European  Doctorate on Social Representations and Communication Research Center and Multimedia Lab
University of Rome "La Sapienza" - Faculty of Psychology 2
Piazza d'Ara Coeli, 1 - 00186 Rome -Italy
Tel. n. 0039 0669380814 - Fax n. 0039 0669294280

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I am applying for the 6th International LAB Meeting (12th International Summer School):

as research trainee enrolled in the European  Doctorate on Social Representations and Communication
as new candidate of the European  Doctorate on Social Representations and Communication for 2006/2007 with no more than 4 years of research activity, since gaining a University Degree giving access to doctoral studies
as potential candidate of other doctoral program in Social Sciences with no more than 4 years of research activity, since gaining a University Degree giving access to doctoral studies or as doctoral research trainees who had not yet obtained a doctoral degree
as Experienced Participant with at least 4 years and less than 10 years of Research Experience - since gaining a University Degree giving access to doctoral studies (no more than 5 experienced participants will be admited, free of charge)
as Self-paying participant

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Name and Institution of a person to whom reference may be made about your suitability to pursue the International LAB Meeting. The person should be a European Ph.D. National Tutor or SOCRATES Partner, or VINCI Partner, or So.Re.Com THEmatic NETwork Partner, or a Senior Member of the staff of the respective University, Polytechnic or College which you attend (e.g. Tutor of Doctoral Programme, Head of Department, Professor).

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Since I meet with the above indicated eligibility criteria, I would like to apply for MSCF-CT-2004-013264 funding

Since I don't meet the above indicated elegibility criteria, I will pay the amount of 1000 Euro for the scientific participation fee (not including travel, accomodation, and living expenses) as soon I will receive the letter of acceptance. The deadline and method of payment will be communicated with the letter of acceptance.