European Ph.D on Social Representations and Communication

Multimedia and Distance Learning System

12th International Lab Meeting – Summer Session 2008
14thInternational Summer School on Social Representations and Communication

of the

European Ph.D. on Social Representations and Communication


Social Representations

in action and construction in Media and Society


"Social Representations, Collective Memory and Socially Shared Emotions: Narrative and Experimental Approaches"

 at the European PhD on Social Representations & Communication Research Center and

Multimedia LAB, d’Ara Coeli 1, Rome-Italy

in combination with worldwide on-line connection points


July 26th - August 3rd, 2008



The social representation of Polish customers interested in buying investment fund units
Dr. Magdalena Bielenia-Grajewska
University of Gdansk
Representations of the In-Group's Conflictual Past: the Effect of Turkish Identification on Construal of Turkish-Armenian Massacres
Dr. Rezarta Bilali
University of Massachussets at Amherst
Global Social-Research Labs Without Walls
Dr. Kim Eagles
Arizona State University
Constructing Islam: a British Catholic Paper's Representations of Muslims
Dr. Gabriel Faimau
University of Bristol
Communication Strategy and approach from global organizations and global companies
Dr. Maria Gaton Fraile
Semantic Web of Beliefs
Dr. Adrian Guzman
University of Rome "La Sapienza"
Driver's Social Representations of Death as an Outcome of Road Traffic Accidents
Dr. Grigore Havarneanu
"AL. I. Cuza" University
Communicative Costruction of Sardinian Identity
Dr. Matteo Ionta
University of Rome "La Sapienza"
Importance of socioaffective elements in
the study of Social Representations
Dr. Slim Kallel
University of Provence
Collective Memory for the World Cup 2006 in Germany: How People Construct Perceptions of Sharedness and Shared Relevance
Dr. René Kopietz
University of Bielefeld
The Reflux of the Romanian Labor Force - Specific Patterns -
Dr. Ana Leibovici Hutanu
"AL. I. Cuza" University

Language of Italian Cities - Space and Time
Dr. Sonia Massari
Florence University
“Of mice & masters” : Social Representations and Professional Representations of ICT for French (future) teachers in elementary school
Dr. Stéphanie Netto
University of Toulouse II Le Mirarail
Development of the Beliefs System and Social Answer to the Deviation and to the Mental Illness
Dr. Tani Pedreira
Federal University of Bahia
One place – two stories: visual rhetoric and polemical social representations in the Rosia Montana (Romania) mining conflict
Dr. Alina Pop
Universitatea Crestina Dimitrie Cantemir
Social Representations of Collaboration Practices in Classroom
Dr. Luca Tateo and Dr. Giuseppina Marsico
University of Salerno
Social Representations of "the Justice and Peace Law" in the Semana's Magazine
Dr. Rodolfo Torregrosa
Universidad Externado
Globalization, social representations and identity: A study of influences of globalized ideology in two different cultures Norway and Turkey
Dr. Salman Turken
University of Oslo
From Knowledge to Action - Exploring the Representation and Communication Process of Intellectual Capital
Dr. Ai Yu
Institute of Social Psychology - LSE