European Ph.D on Social Representations and Communication

Multimedia and Distance Learning System

12th International Lab Meeting – Summer Session 2008
14thInternational Summer School on Social Representations and Communication

of the

European Ph.D. on Social Representations and Communication

Social Representations

in action and construction in Media and Society


"Social Representations, Collective Memory and Socially Shared Emotions: Narrative and Experimental Approaches"

at the European PhD on Social Representations & Communication Research Center and

Multimedia LAB, d’Ara Coeli 1, Rome-Italy

in combination with worldwide on-line connection points

July 26th - August 3rd, 2008



Documents useful for Basic and Advanced Training in European Ph.D. Marratech Web Auditorium:

* Guidebook for the use of the European Ph.D. Marratech 6.1. Web auditorium.

The guide of conduct designed to participate in the on-line events:

* Plumpton, B. (2005). How students can make conferring work. Open University.

* EuroPhd Web-auditorium code of conduct