European Ph.D on Social Representations and Communication

Multimedia and Distance Learning System

24th International Lab Meeting

of the

European/International Joint Ph.D. in Social Representations and Communication





"Environment facing societal challenges"


 at the European/International Joint PhD in Social Representations & Communication Research Center and Multimedia LAB, Cavalieri di Malta 2, Rome-Italy


12th May 2014



Name and Surname


Home Institution

Title of Presentation


Prof. Paula Castro Portuguese



Seeking sustainability through new laws: representation, resistance and local knowledge


Prof. Alberta Contarello Italian

University of Padova


Societal Issues between Continuity and Change


Prof. Annamaria de Rosa  Italian

Sapienza University of Rome


Imagining, exploring, experiencing, representing, branding the physical and digital Urban Environment, as tourist destination: multiple interrelated research lines (field and media studies) on first, past and potential visitors of European capital cities
4. Prof. Giovanna Leone

Sapienza University of Rome


Adding a time dimension. Examples of coherence and incoherence in societal discourses, community practices, family narratives
5. Prof. Bruno Mazzara Italian

Sapienza University of Rome


6. Prof. Mauro Sarrica Italian

Sapienza University of Rome


7. Prof. Paola Passafaro Italian

Sapienza University of Rome


Understanding the social psychological determinants of environmentally sustainable behaviors