European Ph.D on Social Representations and Communication


In the So.Re.Com. THEmatic NETwork plan, outputs are categorised in three blocks according to  the main goals of the multi-media tools and project products. These are more clearly indicated in the detailed work plan which includes, for example, intensive seminars such as the International Summer Schools  that will evaluate the tools and project products and where end users (both professors and research trainees) will provide feedback.  Due to space limitations, the list found below is more synthetic.

The “green” and “pink” sections of the below chart , the outputs are oriented toward:

      On-line Scientific DOCUMENTATION (outputs 3, 4, 5, 6).

      Improving EVALUATION and DISSEMINATION of PROJECT PRODUCTS and research through virtual campus and face to face interaction during International scientific events (outputs 1, 2, 7).

In the “turquoise” section are found the Multi-media tools which will be adopted or created for both European PhD training purposes and  SO.RE.COM. THEmatic NETwork Management.


N.B.  All outputs are English based. However, thanks to the contribution of the SO.RE.COM. THEmatic NETwork, the  European PhD on S.R. & C. web site will be developed into a Portal for entire discipline making multi-language scientific production from all of Europe and the other continents accessible in the comprehensive bibliographic inventory and the Intelligent Virtual Library.

©(1993-2005) - prof. Annamaria de Rosa,
Scientific Co-ordinator of the European Doctorate on social Representations and Communication