European Ph.D on Social Representations and Communication

Output 1 -

Production and distribution of European Doctoral Programme Management Best Practice Guidelines available both in booklet form and on streaming video via the Web.  It will cover the first decade of the European PhD on S.R. & C.'s  institutional history, illustrating its goals, thematic areas, didactic tools and resources, tutoring and co-tutoring systems and instruments, scientific, technical and administrative infrastructure, guidelines for recognition, validation and accreditation (level + 3).  It will include data on research-oriented teaching facilities at European universities and reports on ''distance learning'' offers/demand/accreditation/classification in co-operation with a large number of other Universities and professional organizations in all  European member countries.  It will also contain a report on preparatory curricula in Social Psychology and Communication (Masters: level + 2), adopting the Tuning approach to the harmonisation of  curricula as a pre-requisite for admission to the Euro PhD on S.R. & C.


©(1993-2005) - prof. Annamaria de Rosa,
Scientific Co-ordinator of the European Doctorate on social Representations and Communication