European Ph.D on Social Representations and Communication

Output 3 -

A comprehensive bibliographical inventory of the literature (journal and conference papers, books, special issues, doctoral and master theses, unpublished reports) on S.R. and C. and its related paradigms. It can be searched via all traditional bibliographic information. This fully bibliographic inventory in the specialized multidisciplinary field of Social Representations and Communication - designed by the coordinator of the SO.RE.Com Thematic NETwork - is aimed at acquiring the complete database of the literature on Social Representations and Communication. The co-operative scientific enterprise implemented via the So.Re.Com. THEmatic NETwork will contribute to continuously enriching the on-line database, which will receive input not only from young researcher trainees enrolled in the programme, but the whole scientific community, who will contribute with new entries referring to the new articles published by each author disseminating knowledge and acquiring visibility It will be periodically updated after a double quality control filter and validated by an authoritative source under responsibility of the designer and producer of the inventory. Once the comprehensive bibliographical inventory will be protected by the copyright and intellectual property of his creator, designer and developer recognised, modalities to be consulted (upon registration fee using a password) by professors, researchers, or students working on Social Representations and Communication will be examined and implemented. Using a standard Web browser, researchers and interest groups with just a single search may access a systematically organized multidisciplinary fields of investigations in social science inspired by the theory of Social Representations and Communication.  The results will be presented immediately in a well-structured format, providing access to quality information, independent of time or location. The system will thus grow with the scientific community's demands and contributions, moving from the restricted use of the European network on S.R. & C.  to hundreds of thousands of users and knowledge producers all around the world under the guiding leadership of  European scientists.

©(1993-2005) - prof. Annamaria de Rosa,
Scientific Co-ordinator of the European Doctorate on social Representations and Communication