European Ph.D on Social Representations and Communication

Output 4 -

A meta-analysed inventory of S.R. literature (both theoretical and empirical) will be based on a co-operative research program designed by the coordinator of the SO.RE.Com Thematic NETwork - created, designed and developed by the coordinator of the SO.RE.Com Thematic NETwork. In order to develop this work in a co-operative mode and to disseminate this immensely rich knowledge base in social sciences world-wide,- once the meta-analysed inventory will be protected by the copyright and intellectual property of his creator, designer and developer recognised - modalities to have access not only to the fully inventory, but also the meta-analyzed corpus will be will be examined and implemented  to exten  iits consultaiton to the whole scientific community upon registration fee.

The meta-analysis of the literature designed to ODL system will be organized at two levels of different complexity:

the first is geared to review the literature at a purely descriptive level using a traditional bibliographic approach (i.e. the kind of information related to authors and their institution, country, year of publication, journal or book, publication language, and the paper type (theoretical, empirical), commonly used to develop a type of epidemiology of knowledge diffusion and its development over time and cultural context;

the second - more specifically meta-theoretical level of analysis - will be related to the main paradigmatic areas specific to the S.R. Theory, its related constructs and its theoretical and methodological links with other social science theories and paradigms.

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Scientific Co-ordinator of the European Doctorate on social Representations and Communication