European Ph.D on Social Representations and Communication

Output  5 -

An advanced search engine - created, designed and developed by the coordinator of the SO.RE.Com Thematic NETwork - hyper-linked with both above mentioned inventories. Along with traditional search keys, such as author, title, year or key words, journal or books, the e-library (output 6) is called "intelligent" as it will offer the possibility of using an Advanced Dynamic Search Engine hyper-linked with the meta-analysed corpus according to the full criteria of the meta-analysis grid.  For example, finding all articles which use the “anchoring” process when a publication wishes to investigate and deepen their knowledge or to assert (or deny) the importance of this process for SR Theory, or,  all  empirical research inspired by the Social Representation Theory related to the thematic areas “health” or “quality of life and environment”. Cross-search criteria preferences can be individualised for users' personal needs, enabling him/her to look at the literature even more efficiently. This cross-search function will add value for accurate and rapid research. Only through meaningful linkages and structured access to internal as well external data sources can isolated information become useful for users. A reference linking service for specialized on line databases will be installed on the dedicated web site, allowing users to start queries directly from the Intelligent Virtual Library on S.R. & C.  This would not only be in Psychology (APA PsycInfo and PsycARTICLES) but also in related fields such as the Link Information Service of the Springer Group, the Internet Database Service Cambridge Scientific Abstracts, the SilverLinker Database developed by SilverPlatterfor, the Web of Science ISI Citation Databases which also provides access to the Social Science Citation Index, Ovid OpenLinks, and key databases from the Gale Group concerning areas such as business, health, history, and computers.

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Scientific Co-ordinator of the European Doctorate on social Representations and Communication