European Ph.D on Social Representations and Communication

Output  6 -

Development of an Intelligent Virtual Library - created, designed and developed by the coordinator of the So.Re.Com Thematic NETwork - allowing downloading of referred text-files in PDF-format, linked to the comprehensive bibliographical inventory and meta-analyzed corpus. Once the Intelligent Virtual Library will be protected by the copyright and intellectual property of his creator, designer and developer recognised - modalities to have access to it will be examined and implemented  to open its consultaiton to the whole scientific community upon registration fee.

When already available in electronic format, articles published in the specialised e-journal Papers on Social Representations, will be directly linked to the Intelligent Virtual Library on S.R. & C.  When not available, a digitalised downloadable version of the scientific materials will be produced in PDF-format, with prior permission from  authors and publishers. The digitalisation of this scientific corpus is of special interest not only because of its multi-language and multi-disciplinary nature but also because most contributions published in the first two decades  are no longer commercially available.

All bibliographic materials available exclusively in electronic format linked to the Intelligent Virtual Library will be citable with the Digital Object identifier (DOI), a unique and consistent identification code linked to the article’s URL. The publication date of an electronic paper is the date the paper is made available on-line.  Because of its open and intuitive architecture,  the Intelligent Virtual Library will be geared for user-friendly access, making the most important file multi-media formats and plug-ins needed to view with the users’ browser directly available on the dedicated web site at the specific tutorial address. These include .pdf Pdf Viewer (Adobe Acrobat Reader®); .ps (Postscript Viewer Ghostview®); (Quicktime Player®); mpg MPEG Player (InterVU®). Access will be possible simply via user-ID/password or via IP-address control. If the user is using a proxy server, he/she will be asked to provide the IP-address of this proxy. Access will be possible from any computer, at work, at home or when travelling, from multiple platforms including Apple Macintosh, Unix and Microsoft Windows.

Users will be allowed to printout  scientific materials (only with authors and publishers permission where applicable). Otherwise, it will only be possible to read the text on the screen or to download it, but not print it.

©(1993-2005) - prof. Annamaria de Rosa,
Scientific Co-ordinator of the European Doctorate on social Representations and Communication