European Ph.D on Social Representations and Communication

Output target Groups

Output 1 - Teaching staff, Administrative, Scientific and top-level representatives of European academic institutions interested in developing a joint European PhD and the harmonisation of Master's curricula in social sciences. European associations of doctoral students in any discipline, like EuroDOC and Marie Curie Fellows Assocation, European and national professional organisations like the European Federation of Psychologist’s Associations and Ordine degli Psicologi Italiani (Italian Psychology Certification Board).

Output 2, 3, 6  - The potential members of the International Association on Social Representations, the European Federation of Psychology Students’ Associations (EFPSA), the European Federation of Psychologist’s Associations (EFPA); the European Association of Experimental Social Psychology (E.A.E.S.P.), EU and non-EU citizen researchers, masters and PhD students in Social Psychology, Communication Studies, Sociology and other social sciences, affiliates of international scientific associations in Social Psychology and Communication Studies; EU social policy makers, private sector institutions, special needs researchers.

Output 4, 5 – The specialised scientific community of experts and research trainees enrolled in the Euro PhD on  S.R. & C,  other active partners from Socrates and Vinci networks, the expanded scientific community from eligible and non eligible countries in and outside Europe linked via the So.Re.Com. THEmatic NETwork.

Output 7 - Participants in this event will be from the target audience of the previous outputs and will be asked to provide long-term dissemination. In accordance with the wider co-operative scenario foreseen by the So.Re.Com. THEmatic NETwork, these will include not only the European PhD, Marie Curie, Socrates, Leonardo and Vinci networks, but also users outside academic circles, such as professional organisations, enterprises specialised in ICT, e-learning and online publishing, governmental institutions and foundations.

©(1993-2005) - prof. Annamaria de Rosa,
Scientific Co-ordinator of the European Doctorate on social Representations and Communication